11th December ’22

Ladies Kennel Association

2nd Limit Dog

Judge: Alex Frier

19th November ’22

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier 

Open Show

1st OpenĀ 

Judge: Debby Wearing

**Best of Breed**

Final shortlist for Gundog group under Nigel Eggington

27th October ’22

Midland Counties

1st Limit Dog

Judge: Keeley Newman-Jones


Critique: 2 year old of super colour and coat, very much presented an ouline of a correct HWV, super head with a lovely expression and dark eye, lovely flow of neck into well balanced front angulation with a good length of upper arm, I would not like any less length of neck to him, his chest still needs to drop a tad further but this does not distract from his qualities, super topline, strong over the loin, ribs well back and therefore he is short coupled, has a lovely rear angulation which compliments his front, has a correct tail set but can on the move carry his tail a little high which spoils his outline, lovely tight feet, a little hesitant on the move initially but improved considerably as the class went on and improved again in the dog challenge, pleased to award him RDCC.

28th August ’22

Driffield Championship Dog Show

1st Open Dog

Judge: Chris Hill

**Best Dog**

**Reserve Best of Breed**

Critique: nice size and dimensions, harsh coat with good facial furnishings, good depth of chest, parallel front and rear, feeling the heat a little on the move,BD

18th August ’22

Welsh Kennel Club

3rd Limit Dog

Judge: David Sheilds

7th August ’22

National Gundog

2nd Limit Dog

Judge: Richard Stafford

31st July ’22

HWVCGB Championship Show

1st Limit Dog

Judge: Christine Ryan

**Reserve CC**

Critique: liked this young dog, good coat, super head full of expression, clean neck, correct depth of brisket, firm topline, tail set on correctly, moved well on good feet, this boy was shown in good hard condition, my pleasure to award him RDCC

31st July ’22

HWVCGB Open Show

2nd Limit Dog

Judge: Shaun Layton

3rd July ’22

Windsor Championship Show

1st Limit Dog

Judge: Gillian Pearson

**Best Dog**

**Dog CC**

Critique: sound well balanced all through, straight front, good shoulder placement, masculine head, correct dentition, decent reach of neck, level topline, correct tail set, chest well let down, elbows well tucked in, excellent coat texture and colour, decent bend of stifle, good tight feet, moved well with great drive.

25th June ’22

Blackpool Championship Show

1st Limit Dog

Judge: Frank Kane

Critique: 22 months, excellent size and proportions and a very good coat, his croup is a little steep detracts from his outline but won this class on accuracy on the move, good head proportions and shape.

12th June ’22

Three Counties Championship Show

2nd Limit Dog

Judge: Blake Crocker

7th May ’22

Birmingham National

1st Limit Dog

Judge: Jackie Ward

Critique: 20 month old youngster of good breed type, head still neds to break but is of correct proportions with kind eye and good facial furnishings, straight forelegs with good bone and tight feet, would prefer a little more length of neck and a slightly better lay of shoulder, developed chest with good spring of rib, strong topline, correct tail set and once settled moves very sound both coming and going.

6th March ’22

Coventry Gundog Open Show

1st Open

Judge: Roger Perkins

**Best of Breed**

Critique: well proportioned male with nothing overdone, enough bone and muscle tone, balanced head, strong clean neck into well placed shoulders, good overall length, deep brisket, muscular loin and hindquarters and a moderate turn of stifle, overall he paints a lovely picture with the correct amount of furnishings and is full of breed type.

7th January ’22

Boston Championship Show

1st Junior Dog

Judge: Alice Turnbull

**Best Dog**

**Best of Breed**

Critique: A wonderful representation of the breed, this young male has fantastic overall proportions, head shape moderately broad with a slight roundness giving great expression, well muscled neck leading to well laid shoulders and elbows close to body, strong body and straight tail set which slightly slopes at croup towards the tail set, moved well around the ring at one with handler, great colouring with correct wire coat.