9th September ’18

Richmond Championship Show

2nd Open Bitch

Judge: Zena Thorne-Andrews

**Reserve Bitch CC**

28th July ’18

Leeds Championship Show

1st Open Bitch 

Judge: Christine Ryan

**Best of Breed**

**Bitch CC**

Critique: shown in tip top condition, this bitch possessed everything I was looking for. She encompassed both substance and elegance, medium size, good coat texture, pleasing headplanes, moderate stop, kind eye of correct colour and shape, leathers well set, strong jaw, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, strong hind quarters with moderate turn of stifle, hocks well let down, good forehand construction, well ribbed back, strong loin, slight slope of croup, correct tail set, good feet and pasterns. Her movement was precise and correct, good front extension, strong rear movement.

10th June ’18

Three Counties Championship Show

2nd Limit Bitch

Judge: Terry Pearson

Critique: two lovely bitches in first and second place, second has balanced head of breed type, dark oval eye, correct ear set and just enough facial hair to complete the picture. Muscular arched neck, straight both front and rear, good width of thigh, hocks low, pasterns short, covered the ground on the move on good stride.

3rd June ’18

Southern Counties Canine Association

1st Open Bitch

Judge: Debby Wearing

Critique: another of great breed type, well boned and workmanlike, pleasing head properties and lovely expression, good coat texture and colour, moved out well holding a firm topline.

26th May ’18

Bath Championship Show

3rd Limit Bitch

Judge: Miss E W Newton

19th May ’18

Redditch & District Canine Society

3rd AVNSC Open

Judge|: Peter Darby

8th April ’18

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club

of Great Britain

2nd Open Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge: Becky Johnson

**Reserve Best in Show**

Critique: another top quality bitch who I liked very much, excellent head and expression, not quite the length of neck of the winner, well laid shoulder with correct length of upper arm, well ribbed back, strong topline and correct tailset, excellent coat texture, moved well on good length of stride.

25th February ’18

The Yorkshire Gundog Club

1st Open

Judge: Mrs L Yarnley

**Best of Breed**

**Shortlisted for Best in Show**

Judge: Mrs J Miller

Critique: a quality balanced and well constructed bitch with a very nice outline, beautiful typical feminine head and a lovely expression, good coat, muscular neck, strong body  and bone with well developed chest, correct front and rear angulation, standing on nice tight feet, ground covering movement driving confidently from the rear

11th February ’18

Macclesfield Canine Society

1st AV Gundog

1st Memorial Stakes

Judge: Mr Malcolm Gibson

**Best in Show**

4th February ’18

Merseyside Gundog Club

1st Open 

Judge: Mark Boswell

**Best of Breed**

**Shortlisted for Best in Show**

Judge: Terry Pearson

Critique: loved her balanced head, body and topline, typical in many ways of this lovely breed, good coat and colour, length of back and tail carriage, fit and moved with style and purpose.