hungarian wirehaired vizslas

Rose with our three generations, Tanzi with her daughter Pepsi and her Grandson Zabba. 

tanzi res bob hwvcgb

Tanzi after her Reserve Best in Show at the HWVCGB show.

Zabba and me starting our working training together!!!

Rose and Zabba with their ringcraft training!!!

We are a small kennel in Cheshire.

In 2002 we came across the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla and fell in love with the breed from that moment on.

All our dogs live in the house as part of the family. They are all trained to do obedience, showing and working and are encouraged to use that natural working ability on a daily basis in the beautiful Cheshire countryside that we are fortunate enough to live within. This permits our wires to live a healthy and happy life.

Feel free to contact us to chat about the breed, or to arrange and come and visit us.

Rose and Nick Summerfield