15th November ’09

The Merseyside Gundog Club

1st HWV Junior

Judge: Mr Mike Lewin

25th October ’09

Midland Counties Championship Show

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Mrs C Morgan (Cwsscwn)

17th October ’09

Liverpool Kennel Association

1st HWV Junior

Judge: Mr A Scourfield

27th September ’09

Stoke on Trent Gundog Club

1st HWV Junior

Judge: Mrs J Bateman (Cormallen)

**Reserve Best of Breed**

20th September ’09

Darlington Championship Show

1st Junior Bitch

Judge: Mr C MacKay

Critique: won this with her overall construction and soundness, loved the head and eye shape, stands on a good front with ample bone, shoulders well placed, enough heart room for age, nicely ribbed up with strength over the loin and back end, moves on an easy stride.

9th September ’09

Nantwich & District Canine Society

1st AV Gundog Special Yearling

1st AV Junior

Judge: Mrs D Grayson-Wood (Isiqa)

**Best in Show**

6th September ’09

Kennel Club Good Citizens

Bronze Award

15th August ’09

Ashbourne Dog Show

1st AVNSC Junior

Judge: Lyn Hunter (Springcurl)

**Best AVNSC**

25th July ’09

Leeds Championship Show

1st Junior Bitch

Judge: Mrs B Banbury

Critique: balanced and a free, easy mover, good neck and shoulders, good thighs and hocks well let down, good coat texture and furnishings.

27th June ’09

Blackpool Championship Show

3rd Junior Bitch

Judge: Dr Ronald James

1st AV Rare Breed Junior Bitch

Judge: Mr Glyn Griffiths

**Reserve Rare Breed Bitch**

(Hounds & Gundogs)

23rd June ’09

Cheshire County Show

1st Junior

Judge: Mrs Da Silva

Critique: 12 month old bitch whose body and head proportions were most pleasing, feminine, yet robust she possessed balanced angles and stood well over her ground, her excellent front and tail carriage stood her in good stead for this strong class, daughter to the BOB, she moved well in the heat of midday.

27th May ’09

Staffordshire & Birmingham

Agricultural Show

1st AVNSC Puppy

Judge: Mrs S Pounds Longhurst

**Gundog Puppy Group 4**

23rd May ’09

Bath Canine Society Championship Show

2nd Puppy Bitch

Judge: Chris Schofield

**Qualified for Crufts 2010**

16th May ’09

Congleton Canine Society

1st AV Puppy Bitch

Judge: Mrs C House (Gleadsbury)

**Reserve Best Puppy in Show**

3rd May ’09

Gundog Club of North Wales

1st Graduate HWV

Judge: Mrs R Rose-Hay

**Best Puppy in Breed**

Judge: Mr R Morris (Lascoed)

**Puppy Group 4**

26th April ’09

West of England Ladies’ Kennel  

Society Championship Show

Reserve Puppy Bitch

Judge: Mr G F Williams

19th April ’09

HWVA Open Show

3rd Puppy Bitch

Judge: Mr P Harper

12th April ’09

The Birmingham & District

Gundog & Terrier Club

1st HWV Junior

Judge: Mr C Atkinson (Segantii)

**Best Puppy**

**Best of Breed**

10th April ’09

Accrington & District Canine Association

1st HWV Puppy

Judge: Mr Jason Lynn (Afterglow)

**Best Puppy**

Judge: Mr Alan Norcross

**Gundog Puppy Group 3**

29th March ’09

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Open Show

1st HWV Junior

Judge: Mrs L Adams

**Best Puppy**

**Best of Breed**

22nd March ’09

Bootle, Crosby & South Liverpool

Canine Society

1st HWV Junior

Judge: Mr Fred Elligford

**Best Puppy**

**Best of Breed**

1st March ’09

Nantwich & District Canine Society

1st AVNSC Minor Puppy

Judge: Mrs J Miller

Critique: very smart HW Vizsla, headed a nice class of youngsters full of quality and type, stylish bitch with a nice outline, full of confidence and showmanship, sweet head, well furnished, kind eye and expression, well toned neck to correct shoulder and topline to tail, well bodied and presented in harsh rich red coat, super sound mover.

8th February ’09

Northwich & District Canine Society

1st AV Minor Puppy

Final 6 Shortlist for

Best Puppy in Show

Judge: Mrs A Duckley

11th January ’09

Stoke on Trent Gundog Club

Judge: Mrs S Marshall (Lowerdon)

**Reserve Best of Breed**

1st January ’09

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

2nd AVNSC Puppy

Judge: Mr F Whyte (Kazval)