10th October ’21

HWVCGB Championship Show

1st Veteran Bitch

Judge: Rui Oliveira

**RCC (Bitches)**

**Best Veteran in Show**

Critique: I like this female very much, didn’t look to be a veteran, in top condition, excellent head, nice front and quarters, good coat, good topline and excellent movement, RCC.

10th October ’21

HWVCGB Open Show

1st Veteran Bitch

Judge: Tom Mather

Critique: scored here in development of body with good depth of brisket and moderate spring of rib, kind gentle expression, good legs and feet, very easy fluid profile action.

23rd September ’21

Birmingham National Champ Show

3rd Open

Judge: Linda Upton

**Best Veteran**

18th September ’21

Darlington Championship Show

1st Open Bitch

Judge: Jean Byrne

Critique: This bitch is very pleasing in head with lovely expression, well laid shoulders with straight front and elbows tight in, she has good depth to chest and correct rear angulation, just requires more coat and furnishings to finish the picture, moves very soundly with drive and precision.

30th August ’21

HWVA Championship Show

3rd Open Bitch

Judge: Chris Guest

Critique: a favourite of mine and stood in good company today, she is compact and workmanlike in outline yet possessing a dignity about her that others lack due to her expressive dark eye, well constructed forehand with forechest, good depth and neat at elbow, just drops away over her croup to docked tail, but has good quarters, good feet all contributed to lively positive movement.

1st August ’21

National Gundog

3rd Open 

Judge: Sheila Tolladay

**Best Veteran in Breed**

31st July ’21

Bath Championship Show

3rd Open

Judge: Sharon Pinkerton

10th July ’21

East of England

Championship Show

1st Open Bitch

Judge: Max Munday

**Best Bitch**

**Best of Breed**

Critique: this fit 7 year old has the outline I depict from the breed standard – workmanlike yet feminine nothing is exaggerated, the best spring of rib, sloping croup to rounded tail set of all exhibits today, typical head shape, scissor bite, well muscled neck and shoulders, good length of upperarm, having forechest with width all through, stands on strong boned straight legs with slightly sloping pasterns, harsh textured coat, hard muscled moderately angled rear with straight well let down hocks giving precise driving action, flowed with ease keeping her strong level topline and correct horizontal tail carriage, pleasure to watch the partnership with her handler, no hesitation in awarding BB and BOB, i’m surprised she’s not a champion.

26th June ’21

Southern Counties Championship Show

1st Open Bitch

Judge: Martyn Rees

**Best Bitch**

**Best Veteran**

**Best of Breed**

Final shortlist for Gundog group under Frank Kane

Critique: super quality bitch who immediately commended my eye upon entering the ring, of correct size and proportions and extremely well balanced without exaggeration and presenting an excellent overall outline, excellent head and expression, correct clean and complete dentition with scissor bite, clean neck, well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, chest of correct depth and width with ribcage of good length, level topline held standing and in motion, well made and muscled hindquarters, her coat texture was not the best on the day – lacking undercoat, super bone and the best neat feet, on the move she was accurate fore and aft and showed good open side gait when viewed in profile, my absolute pleasure to award her best bitch, best veteran, best of breed and I was delighted to learn that she was short listed in the gundog group.


21st June ’21

Royal Cheshire Show

Reserve Open Stakes

Judge: Ed Casey