25th October ’19

Midland Counties Championship Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Sarah Barnard

Critique: lovely head, dark eye and expression, good front, level topline, enough depth, good feet, not to much tuck up, moved well if a little proud of her tail.

13th October ’19

Hungarian wirehaired Vizsla Club

of Great Britain

2nd Special Working Bitch

Judge: Natalie Parent

15th September ’19

Darlington Championship Show

1st Post Graduate 

Judge: Dr Robert Suchette-Kaye

Critique: medium sized with lovely feminine head and expressive eyes, strong neck and good shoulders, deep chest, good rear with excellent movement, she won in a strong class.

1st September ’19

Birmingham National

1st Post Graduate

Judge: Mark Boswell

**Reserve Best Bitch**

Critique: smart type bitch of quality, clean throughout and honest, correct head and eye, neck and shoulders, body good as were legs and feet, moved well and presented in good order.

11th August ’19

Bournemouth Championship Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Peter Upton

Critique: very pretty head and eyes, good front, bone and feet, good depth of chest, good length of neck into good shoulders, would like more wire coat, good topline and moderate stifles, moved out well and handled so well.

29th June ’19 

Windsor Championship Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Rob McMaster


22nd June ’19 

Blackpool Championship Show

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Jean Byrne

12th May ’19 

Birmingham National Championship Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Barbara Stamp

**Reserve CC**

**Stud Book Number**

Critique: 2 year old of russet colour with a harsh wire jacket, lovely feminine head with an intelligent expression, slightly rounded and moderately broad skull, good depth of muzzle and medium set ears, moderately arched clean neck and well laid shoulders. Elbows close to body and straight forelegs, slightly longer back height ratio, deep chested with well sprung rib extending well back to short loins, well developed thighs and well let down hocks. Moved with purpose to take RCC.

26th April ’19 


1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Kathy Gorman

Critique: Nicely balanced outline, lovely head with sufficient width of skull, nice eye and large open nose, excellent angulation fore and aft, good depth of chest and spring of rib with ribcage going well back to short, strong loin, good width of upper and lower thigh, correct topline. Really covered the ground well, striding out freely on neat feet, coat of good texture.

20th April ’19 

Rochdale Open Show

1st AVNSC Post Graduate

Judge: Colette Perkins

Critique: Loved the overall shape of this bitch and on the move she doesn’t disappoint, she is medium sized, has a well proportioned head, strong clean neck, laid back shoulders, strong and balanced body and powerful hindquarters. Very sound on the move with ground covering action.

24th March ’19

HWVA Champ Show

VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Diane Parry

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Special Award

Judge: Max Munday

Critique: great muscle tone to this girl, eye colour and pigment matches coat colour, good head qualities having slightly rounded skull, superb slightly arched neck leading to good lay of shoulder, straight well boned legs, strong chest with marked sternum and spring of rib, level topline with sloping croup to correct tail set, well angulated giving animated ground covering stride, more furnishings to complete the picture but what she has is harsh and she’s still young.


7th March 2019

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

1st Good Citizen Bitch

Judge: Chris Guest

**Qualified for Crufts 2020**

3rd March ’19 

Coventry & District Gundog Society

1st Post Graduate

Judge: Debby Wearing

**Reserve Best of Breed**

24th Febuary ’19 

Yorkshire Gundog

1st Post Graduate

Judge: J Dolman

**Reserve Best of Breed**

13th January ’19 

Goyt Valley Gundog

2nd Post Graduate

Judge: Martyn Rees

Critique: Quality balanced bitch of 22 months of age. Presented in lovely condition, fit with good musculature, pleasing feminine head with correct , clean and complete dentition, strong slightly arched neck into well placed shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm, strong and proportionate body, level back, deep chest, moderately angulated hindquarters, moved well and completely sound. For me, whilst her coat was close fitting, it lacked the absolute harshness I was looking for.