25th November ’17 

Southport & Birkdale 

Canine Association

1st Junior

Judge: Amanda Golby


**Reserve Best of Breed**

**Best Puppy in Breed**

5th November ’17 

Rhyl Canine Society

1st AVNSC Puppy

Judge: Ruth Francis

**Best AVNSC Puppy**

**Gundog Puppy Group 1**

Critique: this 7 month bitch settled well and moved true fore and aft, pretty head with well placed shoulders, correct rear angulation.

22nd October ’17 

Northwich & District Canine Society

1st Puppy

Judge: Ruth Martin (Sunhouse)

**Best Puppy in Breed**

Critique: well put together, she has a pretty head and kind eye, good neck and shoulders, excellent topline, moved well.

21st October ’17 

Buxton & District Canine Association

1st AV Minor Puppy

Judge: Mark Burns (Chomeday)

**Reserve Best Puppy in Show**

15th October ’17 

Goyt Valley Gundog

1st Puppy

Judge: Beccy Danks-Kemish

**Best Puppy in Breed**

1st Puppy Stakes

Judge: Carol Moore (Gadhelic)

Critique: 7 month HWV, a quality youngster showing a fabulous outline, very balanced for one so young, kind head with good width of skull, correct amount of stop and nicely shaped eye, well set shoulder with a lovely return of upperarm, deep enough in rib for her age with good bone, very together on the move, strong wire coat of a deep deep russet colour added the finishing touch.

17th September ’17 

Darlington Championship Show

1st Puppy Bitch

Judge: Keely Newman-Jones

**Best Puppy in Breed**

Critique: 6 month old super puppy who I would happily own!!! The most feminine balanced puppy for one so young, deep russet colour, coat with correct wire texture and will continue to come as she matures. Has the most beautiful head, nothing overdone from her slightly broad skull and muzzle length o her furnishing just beginning to show. Eyes need to darken but nothing to worry about at this age. Loved her upper arm and shoulder angulations, already balanced with a good turn of stifle, ribs well back, already strong over the loin, good slope to croup and correct moderately low set of tail. Moved as a 6 month pup would do, a little loose but everything is how it should be for her age and I am sure has a very exciting future. Very happy to award her BP and looked lovely in the puppy group.