25th October ’09

Midland County Championship Show

1st Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs Chris Morgan (Cwsscwn)

**Best Bitch**

**Best Opposite Sex**

17th October ’09

Liverpool Kennel Association

1st HWV Open

Judge: Mr A Scourfield

**Best of Breed**

27th September ’09

Stoke on Trent Gundog Club

1st HWV Open

Judge: Mrs J Bateman (Cormallen)

**Best of Breed**

20th September ’09

Darlington Championship Show

2nd Open Bitch

Judge: Mr C MacKay

**Reserve Best Bitch**

Critique: easy bitch to go over, this with a balanced profile, likes the head shape, stands on a decent front with ample lay of shoulder, good for width of chest and let down to brisket, good length of rib, developed back end, moved over the ground with reach, just tended to go close going away.

1st Rare Breed Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs S Marshall

**Best Rare Breed Bitch**

9th September ’09

Northwich & District Canine Society

2nd AV Gundog Open

Judge: Mrs D Grayson-Wood (Isiqa)

6th September ’09

HWVA Open Show

1st Limit Bitch

Judge: Mrs Barbara Stamp (Tynsil)

**Reserve Best Bitch**

**Reserve Best in Show**

Critique: have liked this bitch since she was a puppy and is from one of my favourite bitches, beautiful head with correct scissor bite, good shoulder placement, straight legs and level back, moderate hind angulation with straight hocks, coat of good texture and medium russet in colour, moved out with ease and drive, pleased to award her reserve best bitch and reserve best in show.

15th August ’09

Ashbourne Dog Show

1st AVNSC Open

Judge: Lyn Hunter (Springcurl)

4th August ’09

Paignton Championship Show

1st Open Bitch (12 Entries)

Judge: Mr Richard Stafford

**Best Bitch**

**Best Opposite Sex**

Critique: lovely bitch who excels in size and balance, she has the most feminine head and expression, nice reach of neck and well laid shoulders, she is well off for bone and substance, shown in good condition with correct coat texture, well angulated and muscled and moved very well.

25th July ’09

Leeds Championship Show

3rd Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs B Banbury

27th June ’09

Blackpool Championship Show

4th Open Bitch

Judge: Dr Ronald James

1st AV Rare Breed Open Bitch

Judge: Mr Glyn Griffiths

**Best Rare Breed**

(Hounds & Gundogs)

23rd June ’09

Cheshire County Show

1st Open

Judge: Mrs Da Silva

**Best of Breed**

Critique: 4 year old quality bitch whose front and infill of chest won her the class and BOB, ideal for size and stature she, like her daughter displayed femininity with underlying strength, lovely coat texture and balanced angles finished off the picture.

27th May ’09

Staffordshire & Birmingham 

Agricultural Show

2nd AVNSC Open

Judge: Mrs S Pounds-Longhurst (mossburn)

23rd May ’09

Bath Canine Society Championship Show

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

(14 Entries)

Judge: Chris Schofield

16th May ’09

Congleton Canine Society

1st AV Open Bitch

1st AV Non Breeders Open

Judge: Mrs C House (Gleadsbury)

3rd May ’09

Gundog Club of North Wales

2nd Open HWV

Judge: Mrs R Rose-Hay

26th April ’09

West of England Ladies’ Kennel

Society Championship Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Gordon F Williams

**Reserve Best Bitch**

19th April ’09

The HWVA Open Show

2nd Limit Bitch

Judge: Mr Peter Harper

12th April ’09

The Birmingham & District

Gundog & Terrier Club

1st HWV Open

Judge: Mr Chris Atkinson (Segantii)

**Reserve Best of Breed**

10th April ’09

Accrington & District Canine Association

1st HWV Open

Judge: Mr Jason Lynn (Afterglow)

**Best of Breed**

29th March ’09

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Open Show

1st Open

Judge: Mrs L Adams

22nd March ’09

Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool

Canine Society

2nd HWV Open

Judge: Mr Fred Ellingford


7th March ’09

2nd Post Graduate Bitch (24 Entries)

1st Good Citizen Dog Scheme (Bitch)

Judge: Mrs C A Coode

Critique: super body with good forequarters, excellent ribs with good depth and spring, topline sound, moved well on good legs, in a correct jacket

**Qualified for Crufts 2010**

1st March ’09

Nantwich & District Canine Society

2nd AVNSC Open

Judge: Mrs J Miller

8th February ’09

Northwich & District Canine Society

2nd AV Gundog Open

Judge: Mrs J Fowler

1st January ’09

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

1st AVNSC Open

Judge: Mr Frank Whyte (Kazval)

**Best AVNSC**