25th November '17 - Southport & Birkdale Canine Association

1st Open

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Amanda Golby

**Gundog Group 3**

Judge: Barbara Stamp

22nd October '17 - Northwich & District Canine Society

1st Open

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Ruth Martin (Sunhouse)

21st October '17 - Buxton & District Canine Association

1st AV Gundog

**Best in Show** 

Judge: Mark Burns (Chomeday)

17th September '17 - Darlington Championship Show

2nd Limit Bitch

Judge: Keely Newman-Jones 

10th September '17 - Macclesfield Canine Limit

1st AV Gundog

1st Open Stakes

**Reserve Best in Show**

Judge: Roy Hulme (Fernmoss)

28th August '17 - Flint & Deeside Canine Open Show

1st AVNSC Open

**Best AVNSC**

Judge; Ken Sinclaire

6th August '17 - National Gundog Association

2nd Limit Bitch

Judge: Mike Lewin

3rd Good Citizen Stakes (Entry 47)

Judge: Kathy Gorman

24th June '17 - Blackpool Championship Show

1st Open Bitch

**Reserve Best Bitch**

Judge: Espen Engh

Critique: Ambermoore Tanzanite at Miadsc bitch of attractive type and overall appearance, well shaped head, combining quality and strength. Acceptable ears, strong neck, excellent forechest, firm topline but tends to fall away over the croup. Normal balanced angulation both ends, moved quite well from the side, short coat but with good structure.

—     —     —     —     —

 22nd January '17 - Manchester Championship Show

3rd Open Bitch

Judge: Jean Byrne